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Reflections on life. Memories. Hopes and dreams. Thoughts. Opinions. And all the other weird and wonderful things that happen to us. You know. Life.

The Changing Pace Of Life

When I was a boy… things moved more slowly. From school, to work, to leisure. It was a much slower pace of life. Until recently. Life has returned to that slower pace. Which gives time to reflect. Things took days to happen, not minutes. Fast delivery meant sending the kids to get it. We had
Gibson Lake

Rarely A Straight Line

We live in interesting times. Lurching from one disaster to the next, rarely a day between them. From COVID-19 to floods, plagues of locusts, forest fires… every day brings new challenges. Life is a struggle. Throughout history, life in all forms has striven to overcome challenges. Life, in one way or another, finds a way.
Jordan Harbour with Nikki

Things for which to be thankful

I am thankful for my Daily Dose of Happiness… My wife. In the days before drones, you had to go and get photos the hard way. In this case that meant climbing into an inflatable boat and rowing around the headland into and out onto a choppy Lake Ontario, to get some images of the

A New York Minute: Beware Of The Lions

One more snippet from our 2019 road trip vacation to New York. We did many things, and went to many different places. Including the library. share this with friends:

A New York Minute: Down Low

One more snippet from our 2019 road trip vacation to New York. Where are we this time? And is Nikki in trouble? Watch and find out. share this with friends:

A New York Minute: Central Park carousel

I am dropping a short series of snippets in to Youtube from our 2019 road trip vacation to New York, where among other things we went up the Empire State building, visited Lady Liberty, rode the NY subway, took in a Broadway show and met my friend from high school, that I had not seen
Nlizzard conditions

The Blizzard of ’90…ish

The first blizzard snows of Winter 2019 hit us here today in the Niagara region. As usual, many drivers have forgotten how to drive. The news is filled with crash reports and warnings of imminent death at every turn. Ah, Winter. How you were missed. Not. On the slow and steady drive home I had
Memories of 2019

Three Years and Many Miles Later…

Three years ago this week I survived a stroke. Recovery has been a bumpy road, but one I happily (if a little unsteadily) walk. No complaints. Not one. That is not this story. This is a story of Adventure. With a capital ‘A’. Even before the stroke I tried to live each day as though

Love Survives

In 2013, Pierrette died. Each year a few of us get together for a celebration of life. This year, we did something special. We went and said hi. As the event photographer I captured the whole day in images. Link below. Being a fully licensed drone pilot, I multi-tasked, putting my piloting skills, experience, and
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