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As a nation, Canadians spend a lot of energy and time during Summer edging drives, pruning trees, and cutting grass. Once the final cut of the season is over, nature plays it’s annual trick and drops all the leaves we haven’t pruned on to that beautifully manicured grass we cut. You can’t see the grass. The drive can be hard to find and those edges are gone.

We spend much of October raking and bagging and clearing all this debris. No sooner is that over than along comes the snow. The next few weeks are given over to clearing ice and snow from cars and driveways, shovelling tones of frozen white water off the asphalt and onto that now waterlogged lawn we spent the Summer caring for. An all too brief respite during Spring gives us the chance to landscape and clear gutters, attend to borders and plant things, and think about repairing those storm-damaged fences.

And that will take us back into grass season and the the whole cycle begins again.Nature does like to laugh at us. I love a good garden. But there is, I have to think, much to be said for concrete.

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