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Autumn Leaves

Woman walking on a gravel road in Port Colborne

Our long walks and explorations will soon be over for another year. This weekend (October 21) brings an undeniable change of season. The last days of Summer fade inexorably into the cold and wet of Autumn as colour leaves the world one falling leaf at a time. It will soon be shades of grey as Winter descends.

But until then, we walk on. Always. Onward. Yes, weather will be more challenging. We will need more layers of clothing. Walks will be shorter, more planned, with fewer exploratory diversions along the way. But we will hike. We will go out. We will explore. We will visit waterfalls and escarpments and cityscapes. We will enjoy scenes old and new. Even when Autumn leaves and fades into the coldest Canadian winter we will go on. Because we are driven. And because I like to drive (not walk) when there is a blizzard blowing so hard the wipers can’t clear the screen. And feel as though I have the whole world to myself again. And then, that too will end as the snow fades and those greys slowly turn again to greens.

Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. The world turns as we prepare ourselves for another cycle. Onward. Always. Let’s do this.

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