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Three Lakers

On a cold December day, three Lakers ply their way across Lake Ontario, heading for Hamilton. Heavy wind and waves slow them, but they don’t stop. They never stop. Whatever the weather, however wild the Lake may be, they keep going. Their only rest is […]

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Watch This

A new addition to this site is our YouTube feed which can now be found under the Watch page (itself worth a click) by using the drop down and selecting ‘GYST Another YouTube Feed’. On this new page you can find everything from our channel. […]

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This bull (I checked the undercarriage) and his friends occupy a field Somewhere In Niagara. Longhorn Bulls are usually peaceful, grazing contentedly away in peace even when my wife and I drive up and sit watching. Sometimes they will amble over to take a look […]

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Balls Falls, Jordan, Ontario

Balls Falls

Autumn gold in the leaves complements the ochre and brown of the canyon walls. A silky look to the water was achieved by using a tripod and a slower shutter speed of 1/15th of a second. ISO100 kept away digital noise, and a 42mm focal […]

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Two Eagles

From The Parkway

As part of ongoing site development I have made some sweeping changes over the last week or so. Long overdue, this site now has new features and capabilities, one of which is improved photo management. So I wanted to try those new features out, and […]

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Stooping Owl in flight


The Image Of The Week is a more dynamic image than the landscapes I regularly post. This owl in flight shot was from an outing a couple of years ago. I think I may go back this Winter and see if the family are still […]

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