Product Mockup

The image is a mockup I made of a logo I recently created for a local business. The logo will be used going forward on all marketing and promotional materials, as well as on the T-shirts worn by the team. I’m hoping to develop this […]

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Port Colborne Soccer Club Clubhouse

The Beautiful Game

Soccer, or to give it it’s correct name, Football… is known around the world as ‘The Beautiful Game’. It’s a game that brings joy and anguish to millions every single weekend. It’s a game that keeps on giving. GYST was recently brought in to produce […]

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Learn to focus


Life is messy. Imperfect. Cluttered. It is important to find out what is important to you, and maintain focus. Distractions occupy the mind, eat up time, and make a person less likely to achieve their goals. Though it is always important to be open and […]

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Chill TF Out


For those affected by the telecommunications outage yesterday across Canada, I have one word of advice: Relax. Though the inability to use debit cards or even make phone calls is a difficulty, and absence of mobile Internet causes heart palpitations in many, it is hardly […]

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Triptych of a train

Wall Art and Prints

GYST image galleries offer many customization combinations and choices for wall art and prints. As well as single images we print panoramas, triptychs, custom collages and more. These options allow the creation of unique complimentary layouts to decorate your walls with personalized inspirations. Curated collections […]

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Laser-etched lovers

Happy Times

In 2017 I was granted Canadian citizenship. In a ceremony I will always remember I and several others swore the oath, sang the song (in both languages, no less) and signed the paperwork. Happy times indeed. After the event my beloved and I celebrated with […]

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fast quality photo prints in niagara region, Canada

Photo Prints

As a working photographer, I get hired to shoot many things, including various events. Recently I was hired to shoot a family reunion, around 40 people. When I arrived with camera gear the guests were scattered around the property. Children playing, adults catching up in […]

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