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Getting there is half the fun

Getting There

I have spent a significant part of my life on the road. Travelling from the tip of Scotland to the other tip of England every week, staying overnight where the whim took me (expense accounts are wonderful), I learned that getting there, as they say, is half the fun. Add international travel to a dozen
Bald Eagle landing

Raptors Revisited

Nikki and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this week. We will be taking a few days off to mark the occasion. Some day trips are in order, to get us away from the computers and into the fresh air. On the table for consideration is another visit to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy. We have
Port Colborne train station

IOTW: Train Station

The old train station in Port Colborne sits between West and King Streets, north of Clarence Street. The old Trillium building, once the ticket office and main building, is now home to a thriving restaurant. The tracks are largely overlooked by residents. Part of the scenery. Inconvenient. Yet still operational. Occasionally, for civic events like
Bride with bouquet


There are many things that can, and often do, go wrong at a wedding. One possibility that most don’t worry or even think about is media card or equipment failure. After a long day working hard to capture the event from start to finish, a photographer still has to put that card into a computer…
Wedding sampler book

More Changes

Just a quick update to say that as part of the site makeover I have reorganised the menu system and added links to some of my portfolios under the Services tab, in a new Photography section. So if you want to see how my conference photography might look before hiring me, or check out my
Sunrise at Reebs Bay

Sunrise At Reebs Bay

Reebs Bay is popular with locals, horse riding groups, and passing beachcombers. It tends be quieter than other local beaches, possibly due to the deliberately limited parking. Possibly as it is a fairly small beach. Possibly as across the road is a cemetary. Most likely, the horses contributions play a role, too. All I know
A small plane on the tarmac at an airport.


Just an image of a plane ready to go. Nothing to see here, move along. share this with friends:

IOTW: The Bridge

Clarence Street bridge in Port Colborne straddles the Welland canal at this entrance to the downtown core of the City. Regular visitors will know I go up in a plane and circle the city occasionally. Which gives some amazing images. But the thing about planes is, you can’t ask them to stop while you take
Two horses and a barn

Editing Style

The camera is important. The technique is important. The editing style is most important. Any competent photographer can take a great image and ruin it in the edit. Better ones can take an OK image, and make it shine. The trick is deciding on which editing style to adopt. The decisions made can make or
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