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60's TV Scene editing style

And ‘Scene’

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately. This desaturated edit suits both the image and my mood. I wanted the style for this image to be reminiscent of black and white TV shows from the 60’s set in the Wild West. I think I achieved it. I expect someone on horseback to arrive any second… and scene.
Image Of The Week: Dewdrops on a spider web

IOTW: Dewdrops

The Image Of The Week is from an early morning hike somewhere in niagara. Just after sunrise I came across this spider web in the grass near my feet. The web glistened with dewdrops, suspended precariously between the leaves. Even though they were shielded from direct sun by surrounding foliage, they evaporated slowly as I
Manhattan Island Skyline, New York

Somewhere Not In Niagara

As I trawl endlessly through the thousands of photographs on my computer I reflect that I am often so busy taking photographs that I often don’t actually do anything with them. They accumulate on my computer, and I have every intention of doing… something… with them, at some unspecified later date. But that often doesn’t

The Bridge Is Up

Here in Port Colborne we have three bridges across the Welland Canal, which bisects the city North to South as it runs between lakes Ontario and Erie. “The bridge is up” is a common cry, often accompanied by other word selections which I won’t enumerate here. At the Clarence Street bridge, the furthest South, there
tandem jump over the Niagara Skydive Centre at Dorothy Rungeling Airport

IOTW: Skydive

The image of the week was this tandem skydive taken at the Dorothy Rungeling Airport during the Open Day for COPA, where 87 Eagle Squadron was hoping to recruit the next intake of Air Cadets. Youngsters between 12 and 18 can learn the principles and practicalities of flight. First on the ground in classrooms and

Moove Along

While driving around #somewhereinniagara, I passed a clump of trees. Sheltered in the shade of those trees, I saw several cows enjoying some respite from the late afternoon sun. I stopped and put the car into reverse. I sat for several minutes, watching as each cow in turn returned my gaze over the fence between
Somewhere In Niagara Image Of The Week

IOTW: Ride The Rainbow

This image was born from an early morning flight across the Niagara region in a single-engined Cessna piloted by my friend Jim Hutchinson. Circling around the scene in a single-engined Cessna, I and fellow photog Chris De Laat were able to get some truly amazing images. Of which, this is one. The famous Niagara Falls
Corn field

IOTW: Corn Field

This Image Of The Week was taken on a stormy Saturday. My morning started with other plans, which changed when the weather chose to be wet and windy. As thunder rolled across the fields of Niagara and the clouds burst like a kid with his thumb over a hosepipe I found myself passing this corn

One Minute Image

Posting images online is a problem. On one hand you want them to look amazing so you edit and polish and export them to look beautiful. On the other hand, you crunch them to save file size and loading time. On the third hand, because hey who’s counting, social media scrunches images further so they
Somewhere In Niagara: Image Of The Week

IOTW: Somewhere In Niagara

This simple scene is Somewhere In Niagara at its finest. From the roadside, many things are visible. You simply need to take a second to pull over. I do this a lot. It’s a great way to see things that would otherwise be missed. I did it here, just after sunrise. And spent several minutes
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