Chipmunk on Merritt Island

Image Of The Week

A friendly chipmunk warming itself in the early morning sun on Merritt Island in Welland. Critters get skittish once the day has really started, so moments like these make rising early worth it. Remember to use coupon code SpringClean2022 at checkout to receive a 10% pre-shipping discount […]

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Walking on The Beach - Somewhere In Canada

Somewhere In Canada

Somewhere In Canada is a growing collection of unique images based upon the Canadian experience. I curated the most evocative photographs from my travels, placing each inside an outline map of Canada. Somewhere In Canada is a theme that will grow with my travels as […]

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Baby's first Christmas

Baby Photography

When I’m not taking landscape images for leisure, I am an event photographer and a corporate headshot kinda guy. But sometimes I do book personal shoots. Like this one, for baby’s first Christmas. This being online, I won’t name the family. Let’s leave it at […]

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