A bull in a field in the rain


Episode 6 of Somewhere In Niagara is now online. This week I’m Somewhere North. It worked out that on my travels I saw quite a few animals, so that is my focus for the image of the week. This episode is about that thing photographers […]

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Instagram Feed

The DesignGuyCA Instagram feed has been added to the web site. It’s technological and photographical distinctiveness will be assimilated. Easily found under the Photography menu, this integration will allow me to showcase more photos more easily. I place images on Instagram which I don’t place […]

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Barn Owl - a raptor


Last weekend I spent two hours at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, in the company of a select group of other photographers. We were there to learn about and bear witness with our cameras to those most beautiful creatures of the air, Raptors. According to the […]

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