Robin Hood Mill

The imposing hulk of the Robin Hood Mill looms large. I like the grunge look I gave this historic edifice. It’s one of many images in the Port Colborne gallery. Take a look, if you like. #somewhereinniagara #portcolborne #followme #designguyca

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Owl be back

2022 Calendars

The first of my Birds Of Prey 2022 Calendars are available now in two sizes, 8.5 x 11 (letter) for your desk, or 14 x 11.5 for your wall. Spiral bound, made to order. Each images is available for separate purchase. Currently three Calendars are […]

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Carl Getting The COVID Vaccine Shot

Get The Shot

I’ve heard every argument on both sides of the COVID vaccine debate. Only one side makes sense to me. With due respect to those that feel differently, I see one logical option: Get the shot. You won’t be magnetized. There are no tracking chips. If […]

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