Carl Getting The COVID Vaccine Shot

Get The Shot

I’ve heard every argument on both sides of the COVID vaccine debate. Only one side makes sense to me. With due respect to those that feel differently, I see one logical option: Get the shot. You won’t be magnetized. There are no tracking chips. If […]

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Port Colborne Soccer Club Clubhouse

The Beautiful Game

Soccer, or to give it it’s correct name, Football… is known around the world as ‘The Beautiful Game’. It’s a game that brings joy and anguish to millions every single weekend. It’s a game that keeps on giving. GYST was recently brought in to produce […]

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Visit the Iron Garden to see a bewildering array of cast iron statues.


These and other cast iron statues grace the Iron Garden, a treasure trove of creative beauty on the outskirts of Niagara On The Lake in the village of St. Davids. I stroll by whenever I find myself in the area. Today, I couldn’t resist taking […]

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Yesterday a sequence of events occurred which showed me once more the underlying balance of the universe. Put simply, I believe that for every good thing there is a bad one. And for every bad thing, a good. I have the perspective of a man […]

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In The Bog with Nikki

My long-suffering lady and I explored an area of several square miles of potentially fatal rattlesnake-infested peat bog, where a single misstep could suck the unwary to their doom in it’s dank and fetid embrace. Seemed like a good way to spend Mother’s Day. This […]

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