Video is a growing part of business. To compete, your visuals must be engaging and imaginative. We’ve all skipped ads. Our goal is simple: Make sure potential customers do not skip yours.

From spot ads and trade show trailers, to complex corporate boardroom presentations, we deliver. On time, on point, and on budget. Across three continents, to date.

Carl is Adobe certified in both After Effects and Premiere Pro, both leading video production platforms. Even without any actual video, our motion graphics take hand-drawn designs or photographs and turn them quickly into neat, compelling visuals. That’s a very, very useful trick, when budgets are tight.

GYST is heavily engaged in producing high quality staff training materials and courses for several household name restaurant brands. Most productions are commercial, and client confidentiality applies. We take that seriously. Here is a clip of myself being interviewed during a 3-day client conference at the PGA National Resort in Orlando, Florida, where I was the event photographer – I came back with 65Gb of video and images, enough to keep the marketing team going for over a year.

Below is a short playlist of 11 videos that I can share. Average run time 1 minute. Take a trip, enjoy.