Hiking With A Photographer Somewhere In Niagara

Hiking With A Photographer

Regular readers know that I go out with my camera most weekends to explore locations well off the beaten track. The unknown hidden gems. For examples, check out my photo gallery, Somewhere In Niagara. I shoot images which I feel reflect the character and beauty found throughout the Niagara region, and I’ve seen a lot of it.

I want to take this idea up a notch and encourage others to find and follow their own passion for the outdoors. Put simply: As well as a camera, I want to take along others. You.

What Are You Talking About?

Hiking With A Photographer” is an initiative to bring people and small groups outdoors, exploring, taking photographs. Rediscovering old places, finding new ones. Outings are uniquely tailored for your needs. Along the way, we may discuss photography, the tips techniques and processes I like to use, and even a little background on the area explored. Or I can just shut up, and let nature speak for itself.

All ages and physical abilities are welcome and will be accommodated. No epic treks through jungle unless by request. The theme for ‘Hiking With A Photographer’ is always easy, accessible exploration.

As we explore I take photos of you, my companions. Each outing is not only a learning experience, it also becomes a lasting memory. This ‘travelling photo shoot’ is unique in sights, sounds, and results. Every guest will become the owner of lasting digital memories, of a day spent doing something adventurously different. A snapshot of the day and of you, exploring nature.

Images are supplied within the week, fully edited, in JPG format. Sized and ready for your social media channels. Share with colleagues, friends, family. Show those around you that you did something special, and file the experience forever in the memory bank, so Facebook can bring smiles when it pops up for you each year.

Clients into photography are invited to bring cameras to capture their own visuals. We can collaborate, share notes. Or not. Clients are also welcome to just enjoy the hidden beauty of Niagara while I do the work, getting those hero shots of you.

The Icing On The Cake

As a wedding and event photographer, I know how to make you look amazing. And I will. The icing on the cake is that as a professional working photographer I have the skills, experience, and equipment to offer some unique extras. I can take things to the next level, for those wanting more.

Coffee table books, mugs, coasters, throw pillows, comforters, and jigsaws. And much more.

More popular, I offer large gallery quality prints and posters and collages of the photos from your experience, in a number of mediums and formats including canvas wraps and custom framing and mounting options.

So. Your day can be memorialized forever on the couch, the fridge door, or over the fireplace. Gifts for the family. The choices are entirely yours. The options are (almost) unlimited. Sound good? I hope so.

To discuss this in more detail please CONTACT us today to plan your outing.

I’m excited to begin this journey. Good company, relaxing times. Fun. Let’s go exploring!

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