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Reflections on life. Memories. Hopes and dreams. Thoughts. Opinions. And all the other weird and wonderful things that happen to us. You know. Life.

Getting there is half the fun

Getting There

I have spent a significant part of my life on the road. Travelling from the tip of Scotland to the other tip of England every week, staying overnight where the whim took me (expense accounts are wonderful), I learned that getting there, as they say, is half the fun. Add international travel to a dozen
Corn Dollies


Tomorrow sees the annual Port Colborne Optimist Club garage sale and book giveaway. Details on that community event are on the club web site, here. The members rifled their belongings to find things to donate. An annual fundraiser, all proceeds go to community projects. Repurposing old, often beloved items, is a rebirth of sorts. Dusting
Marshville Heritage Festival 2023

Marshville Heritage Festival

Each labour day weekend the Marshville Heritage Fesitval takes visitors back to the 1800’s and revisits simpler (though harder) times, in the heritage village behind the arena in Wainfleet, Ontario. The Marshville Heritage Society handles the whole event. Click that link to find out more on their web site. The ample parking is free, though
A leap of faith - skydiving

An Ordinary Life

This year, I aim to celebrate my 61st birthday. For reasons I won’t bore you with, I never expected to reach 39. Those 22 years since have been a bonus. I’d like to recap the last 6 decades. Can I be honest? I have lived a most ordinary life. To quote ABBA, I’m nothing special,
Scroll, Troll...

Scroll, Troll…

I am prolific on social media. I have naturally, therefore, encountered my share of the vitriol, abuse, stupidity and hate which are the domain of the friendly neighbourhood keyboard warriors affectionately known as Trolls. I no longer waste time engaging with these aggressive beasts, nor feed their need for showboating and argument. I take away
Canl Days Fireworks


This weekend has been a roller coaster of events. Canal Days is an annual four-day festival and this one was a round of concerts, plane rides, street meat, craft shows and fireworks. Sunday is the time for fireworks. This magnificent closing display is rightly considered the best in the region, period. People travel from the
Port Colborne Optimist Club craft show 2023

Craft Show

Regular visitors might have noticed a slowing down of content being posted on this site. I apologize. But Summer is a busy time of year generally, and for event photographers particularly. Particularly those serving as media directors for their local Optimist Club. Case in point, the 2023 Canal Days craft show here in Port Colborne.
Variable Neutral Density Filter - image courtesy of wikimedia commons

Save Money

Nikki and I made a visit to our local clearance outlet yesterday. It’s a consignment ‘bargain bins’ store that restocks every week. They charge a decreasing flat rate amount for everything each day until the next restock. On day one, everything is $25. Day two, $15. Day three, $10, and so on. We only live
A convoy of horses, near Port Colborne, Ontario

IOTW: Horses

This Image Of The Week comes from a road trip to explore the Ontario coast road of Lake Erie. Being Summer, I was not alone. Lots of people were in haste to get where they wanted to be. While I understand that, it’s important to understand that others also have places to be and want
Canada Day 2023, Port Colborne

Canada Day 2023

The Port Colborne Optimist Club is responsible for everything that happens in H. H. Knoll Park on Canada Day. The City gives us permits, cleans up the park before and after, and even supplies the cupcakes. But we book and arrange all the vendors. The food trucks. The performers, and the music. We even run
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