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Reflections on life. Memories. Hopes and dreams. Thoughts. Opinions. And all the other weird and wonderful things that happen to us. You know. Life.

Port Colborne Kids Fishing Derby map

Printing In Progress

As I type the printer makes happy noises, contentedly churning out hundreds of registration forms and rules for Sunday’s Port Colborne Optimist Club Fishing Derby at H.H. Knoll Park in Port Colborne. It was fun making the poster. It was fun making these rules and entry forms. It was even more fun creating the rough
Peewee Memorial Ride 2023

Peewee Poster 2023

Last weekend I was the event photographer for an annual memorial fundraiser ride. The guest of honour, in whose name the ride takes place, is thought by some old romantics to be with us in spirit through the day, watching over and enjoying the tears and the laughter, as well as the sun and the
Mushrooms on a tree

Meeting The Neighbours

I was parked at the roadside taking photographs when a homeowner pulled in to his property. As soon as he saw me he marched purposefully across the street in my direction. Uh-oh. Here we go, I thought. “Hey!” he called. I smiled disarmingly and waved, expecting to be grilled on why I was there and
The boy, Carl

Personal Status Update: Summer 2023

I like to be busy. As well as my full time day job I do some volunteer work within the community and spend a large part of my free time taking photographs for Somewhere In Niagara. When not doing any of this I operate my small but beautiful freelance design agency for a select group
Peewee Memorial Ride 2023

Let’s Ride

Summer always brings people together for outdoor events. For example the annual Peewee Memorial Ride, taking place this year on June 3rd. Riders will take a guided 136km scenic meandering route through Niagara. The convoy will start at Fleeters Cafe on Hwy 3 in Wainfleet, and finish in Port Colborne at Super Mario’s around 4pm
Wedding party on balcony looking at photographer

Wedding Photography

We love weddings. Weddings are a time for commitment. For change. For renewal. Weddings are a chance for families and friends to gather and celebrate the future. A wedding is also a stressful time for everyone. From the bride and groom to the bride’s mother to the organizer and the staff at the venue, prone
Port Colborne Downtown Cruisers car show returns, Thursdays at 5 throughout the summer

The Car Show Cometh

Here in Port Colborne, Ontario, we have a weekly car show that runs throughout the summer on Thursday evenings between 5pm and 8pm. We close off one of the main streets in our great little city and give it over to a celebration of classic cars. Exhibitors from across the region display their pride and
Bull in a winter field

A Sombre Moment

While out driving recently I found myself on another long and dusty road. I haven’t been down this one for a while. On this day I felt the need. And what I saw made me a little sad. I’ll let the video do the talking. share this with friends:
The Robin Hood Sky Train

Drone Fun

The trails behind the Robin Hood Mill in Port Colborne are host to dirt bikes and ATV’s throughout the year, come rain or shine. For these types, mud and ice are just more reasons to visit. As 2023 heats up the trails are becoming drier and dustier, giving the whole scene a surreal look reminiscent
The boy, Carl


I’m going to let you into a secret. I am aging. Backwards. I had a tough childhood. I guess we all did, so I won’t bore you with the details. Still, I learned to stand or fall by my own efforts at an early age. As the years passed, I just got older. I didn’t
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