Times Square, New York

Memories of 2020

I know we’re into March, so this is a little overdue, but as promised to my wife I put together this annual collection, memories of 2020. Just a few of the things we shared last year, set to music. Memories keep you warm in the […]

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Spring Forward

It’s nice that Spring Forward is here, and the clocks go forward an hour this weekend. But I do have mixed feelings. And not the routine ones that everybody has. I have Spring Forward melancholy. Here’s why. In the winter I enjoy my sunrises. I […]

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Happiness is where you find it. Here, it’s in a quick video snippet of Nikki and I out and about enjoying the Summer. This bit of silliness was recorded during a stop at a local Conservation Area. Just because the world seems to be coming […]

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Chase Your Dreams

Life is full of surprises. Some good. Some, not so much. Rolling with the ups and downs only gets you so far. If you really want something, you have to make it happen. You have to chase your dreams. Your dream may be big: Marriage, […]

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Peewee Collage poster

Love Survives

This weekend should have seen over a hundred bikes roaring around the Niagara region partaking in the annual Peewee memorial ride, one of many charity fundraising events run by the NBS Riders. This Summer, like most other social events, the event was cancelled due to… […]

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