ManhatTron Island scarf

Merch Galore

As a working product photographer my work flows easily from camera to merchandise. Take for example my ManhatTron design, comprised of two of my favourite things: Sci-Fi movies and New York. ManhatTron is available for global distribution on over 50 products including a very challenging […]

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Promo Photos

Yesterday I drove to the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga to take photos of the wrestlers at an event for Destiny Wrestling. The photos will be used by the company promoters in future marketing and on posters. I will also share the images with the […]

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Conference Photography

During the lockdown, things changed. Conference photography was not required since most events were cancelled. In 2023 as things slowly return to some semblance of normal, conferences are again popping up. The emphasis for events has changed. A lot of conferences are now ‘virtual’, and […]

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logo concept mood boards


Custom vector graphics are a common design item for GYST. From advertising to corporate presentations, infographics really sell your ideas and get your points across. From the simplest to the most complex designs, to make the most impact you need to stand out from the […]

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Adobe Firefly - I Am A Cat Person

Cat People

Adobe launched their generative AI modelling system, Firefly, at the recent Adobe Max. It certainly caused a stir among creatives, who seem equally excited and dismayed about the new tool. As it is a tool that I can leverage, and as I am on the […]

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logo mood board mockup proof of concept

Logo Design

“My name is Marshall, and I want a logo that looks like a Marshall’s badge”. So began this fun logo design project. I did some research, pulling down reference images to play with, then opened Adobe Illustrator. It’s the go-to software for creating anything that […]

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Custom place cards for event guests

Back To Normal

Now the holiday season is over things can get back to normal. For us that means evenings and weekends making table cards and seating plans for weddings, conferences, and other events. Tailored and personalized to suit your guest list and their plus-ones, whatever the size […]

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