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Things that are more than just photographs.

SIN 365 day planners: The Unboxing Video

The series of 365 day planners and diaries have been available for a while. I ordered a full set and they are here. This is the unboxing video. The verdict? I am very happy. Very happy indeed. The books are available through this site and can be picked up by arrangement or delivered anywhere in
Here Comes Halloween design from GYST Services

Here Comes Halloween

As I type the second week of September is ending. Which means that Halloween is over six weeks away. So why am I posting this? Because designs take time to make and time to market and time to do their job. And because I like to plan ahead, this design is ready to rock and
Wedding sampler book

More Changes

Just a quick update to say that as part of the site makeover I have reorganised the menu system and added links to some of my portfolios under the Services tab, in a new Photography section. So if you want to see how my conference photography might look before hiring me, or check out my
Ten cents on the dollar


Legend has it that a king once asked a pauper to make a statement which would in all circumstances and at all times be true. The pauper is said to have paused for a moment before replying quietly, “this, too, shall change”. There are myriad variations on this fable. In every version, the simple answer
Apron - Marriage

The Right To Remain Silent

A friend’s Facebook post yesterday joked that arguing with a woman was like being arrested, in that anything you say can and will be used against you. I jokingly replied, “Hey, you always have the right to remain silent… “. A little later I thought about that. I added an extra twist and made the
Scroll, Troll...

Scroll, Troll…

I am prolific on social media. I have naturally, therefore, encountered my share of the vitriol, abuse, stupidity and hate which are the domain of the friendly neighbourhood keyboard warriors affectionately known as Trolls. I no longer waste time engaging with these aggressive beasts, nor feed their need for showboating and argument. I take away

Digital Design

When I am not out and about exploring the back roads of Niagara I create documentation, training, marketing, and sales materials for a wide range of clients. Digital design of books and catalogues, brochures and other print items is our bread and butter. GYST has designed magazine covers, advertising campaigns in national print publications, trade
Organize your life with our day planners

365 Day Planners

Day planners are popular with people that like to plan and make schedules using pen and paper. Planners routinely give two or three days per page, limiting the detail that can be entered. That won’t work for busy people, so I designed a 365 Day Planner. One full page per day. A whole year. 521

Bald Eagle, Gliding

The latest addition to our online print collection is this majestic Bald Eagle, swooping low over a pond. This gallery quality print is available now as pre-framed prints right up to 24 inches x 36 inches, ready for your wall. share this with friends:
Port Colborne Kids Fishing Derby map

Printing In Progress

As I type the printer makes happy noises, contentedly churning out hundreds of registration forms and rules for Sunday’s Port Colborne Optimist Club Fishing Derby at H.H. Knoll Park in Port Colborne. It was fun making the poster. It was fun making these rules and entry forms. It was even more fun creating the rough
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