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Canl Days Fireworks

New Look

Visitors might have noticed site content jumping around as I worked on the new look. Still tweaking. I’m a lot happier with it. I’ve been future-proofing and giving her a long needed overhaul. Much new functionality is now in place. Speed and reliability is actually better than ever as I’ve blitzed some bugs. Still some
Ten cents on the dollar


Legend has it that a king once asked a pauper to make a statement which would in all circumstances and at all times be true. The pauper is said to have paused for a moment before replying quietly, “this, too, shall change”. There are myriad variations on this fable. In every version, the simple answer
holding a m.2 512Gb hard drive

Laptop Backup

My laptop died in front of me a couple of days ago. I was not even touching it. The screen flashed blue and showed the dreaded “your computer has encountered a problem and needs to restart” message. Only, when it restarted it never came back. Diagnostics soon identified the problem. The m.2 hard drive was
The Robin Hood Sky Train

Drone Fun

The trails behind the Robin Hood Mill in Port Colborne are host to dirt bikes and ATV’s throughout the year, come rain or shine. For these types, mud and ice are just more reasons to visit. As 2023 heats up the trails are becoming drier and dustier, giving the whole scene a surreal look reminiscent
Port Colborne Optimist Club web site relaunch

Optimist Club Relaunch

I joined the Port Colborne Optimist Club last year and was shortly after elected to the board of directors. Taking up the social media and communications reigns, I now oversee everything digital including press releases, social media, event announcements and follow-up articles. I let the other team members do all the real work, I just
Carl in the studio

“Adobe Lightroom Ate My Photos!”

No. It didn’t. But that does beg the question I am frequently asked. Where did they go? Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the issue is traced to user knowledge. And that’s fixable. The software, which I am the first to admit can behave a little oddly at times, is hardly ever the cause. Usually

Subscribe to GYST

As part of a site makeover, I set up a ‘Subscribe’ feature to notify people of new blog posts, images, etc., right in their email inboxes. It’s a logical step, as not everyone uses the socials I do, or with the same frequency. ‘Subscribe’ ensures new items always reach those that want to see them.
Computer repairs and rebuilds

Backup, backup, backup!

OK! A fun start to the day. One of my hard drives died, taking a lot of work with it. As is the cascading way of things my local backup solution also failed, leaving me short by 400 Gb of files. Not great. Fortunately my secondary online backup solution had backed everything up. Rather than

New Year, New Computer

I have been putting it off for almost three years. Over the holidays I bit the bullet, and set up a new computer. It’s faster. Has a bigger CPU. Better graphics. More hard drives. Yay. The problem with changing your computer system, of course, is migrating everything from one to the other in a way

Sometimes, it really isn’t the software.

For the last month my home computer has randomly frozen up. Everything seems to be working OK but the screens just go blank. Everything else was OK. I just couldn’t see anything. Very odd. Browsing and basic daily use, no problem. I leave my machine on for days, even weeks at a time. This issue
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