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My event photography services are fully supported with a range of print and art products. Clients enjoy the ability to browse images and select products they want. From coffee table photo books to framed wall art, posters, home and kitchen decor, gift cards, and wedding albums. Check out the full range here at our online store. Just choose a gallery and select buy photo from any page or photo. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until you actually go to buy something. But you can see and browse all those options.

Which now include Download Gallery.

Download Galleries allow download of all images from an event for a single flat rate. Images will print up to 16″ x 20″ on your home photo printer, and of course can also be uploaded to social media channels. You can choose with or without printmarks – my name and phone number. It’s a little cheaper with, as an incentive to help me promote my services to those that see the images.

Print quality

I can guarantee the quality of the images in your download galleries. I cannot guarantee how they will look when printed at your end. That, I’m afraid, is on you. Home printing and the problems and pitfalls involved therein have been the subject of countless books and videos, and made a lot of money for a lot of people, while others have been driven to despair trying to get their prints look as they do on screen. It’s a thing. So, consider this my disclaimer: Your printer, your problem. I can’t help with that.

But… I can always print them for you. And that quality I CAN guarantee. Your choice. That’s the point. You can now download galleries and print them yourself, or order prints through me as before and let me (and my many years experience) worry about it. Either way your images will be your images forever. Enjoy.

Prints available for all images by request.
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