Nikki and a butterfly

A Pleasure Shared

My travels throughout Niagara are majority solo. I drive, I explore, hike, take photographs, alone. This is fine. I enjoy the peace and solitude and, frankly, getting away from the keyboard. Yet few things give me more joy than sharing these outings with my partner and best friend, Nikki. Forget a problem shared. It’s a pleasure shared. Double the enjoyment. A sunrise shared holding hands binds people. And you don’t have to attempt to describe it when you get home. You were there together.

She can’t always make it out. Other things to do. Most often, doesn’t want to. In which case, I just say “I’m heading out, love. See you in a few hours”. And away I go. For a few hours I’m off the radar. Going Somewhere In Niagara, once more, to see what is to be seen.

Two Is Better Than One

But those times when she does come out to play leave great memories. This image is from the Woodend Conservation Area, south east of St. Catharines, Ontario. Woodend offers a number of parallel trails that run along the escarpment ridge behind the Niagara College. It is not a loop trail. When you get to the end, you turn around and walk back to the car. However, as there are several parallel side trails you don’t have to retrace your steps. That makes the return trip as much fun as the outbound one.

The only real decision to make is whether to park at the top of the trail, or the bottom. Bottom, the first half is uphill and the walk back is easy. Park at the top and the return trip is uphill. You choose.

This butterfly appeared during the visit and hung around these flowers for several minutes. Nikki is a huge fan of butterflies. We were married at the Butterfly Conservatory for this reason. This one posed gracefully while I took this portrait of them both together. A happy memory from a happy day. A day enjoyed together. A pleasure shared.

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