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IOTW: Stillness

There is a moment during every sunrise where the world just stands still. Nothing happens. Birds stop in mid air. Rivers stop flowing. And the only sound is the sound of a million camera shutters firing as photographers do what they do.

This is one such still moment. Not the best, compositionally. I’d prefer that lighthouse not be so close to the tree, and that clump of leaves could to be in a worse place. But you only have that one moment. No time to compose, or it is gone. So you take the shot. I could fix those little things in Photoshop in a heartbeat. But I don’t like changing my landscape photos. If I took the imperfections out now, I won’t remember them a year from now. And they are part of the memory.

The photo is what it is, good and bad.

I love the way the sun plays on the grass. I love the way the branches lean toward the sun as if to warm themselves, surrounding it in a protective embrace. I even love the lens flare. The atmospheric mist of early morning diffuses the sunlight to give a warm feel to the whole scene, while the massive bulk of the grain elevators is balanced by the trees and that small lighthouse. This photo just makes me feel good.

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