Murder Mystery night at the Port Colborne Coutnry Club

Murder Mystery

October 21st at 6pm is a date to put in the calendar if you are a fan of the participatory dinner phenomenon known as ‘Murder Mystery’. For those new to the concept, an experienced troupe stages an imaginary murder in front of and among the diners. With liberal helpings of red herrings and clues along the way, diners attempt to discover whodunnit as the plot unfolds and the characters develop. Or don’t, in the case of the victim. Audience participation is a part of the show. Prepare to get involved. There will be lots of laughs and mayhem along the way as hilarity ensues. In case it was unclear, this is a comedy.

The Port Colborne Optimist Club is your host, and the Port Colborne Country Club is your venue. Tickets are priced at a very reasonable $65 and can be obtained through the Optimist Club web site, here. For this low cost you get the fun of the entertainment as well as a full 3-course meal. Details below.

About The Optimist Club

The Port Colborne Optimist Club is well known for its community and charitable activities in support of youth. Most of our events and fundraisers centre on providing opportunities for children and youth, which would otherwise not be available to them. As a director of this club, I know whereof I speak: These are good people, and the club is a force for good. If you want to find out more please check out the club web site and get in touch. I encourage everyone to consider getting involved, perhaps even becoming a member, and enjoying some of the satisfaction we feel as a team when a project is successfully completed. And even during our events, which brings me back to the Murder Mystery night.

About The Event

Once a year we like to do something just for fun. We earned it. So did you. This particular event is for adults only. A chance to leave the kids and your cares behind for a few hours and enjoy the comedy.

And to enjoy a 3-course meal while you do it. This is not primarily a fundraising event, hence the low ticket cost. However, we do have to pay the actors and staff and venue. Due to rising food costs, we are offering a set menu for the event. That menu comprises…

1st Course: House salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette

2nd Course: Chicken parmesan with penne pomodoro

3rd Course: Apple blossom with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

A licensed bar is available throughout the evening for those that wish to imbibe responsibly.

Please join us on October 21st at the Country Club to find out who will do the dastardly deed. There may be satisfaction, surprise and consternation in equal measures as the night progresses. Hold on to your hats for a roller-coaster ride of fun and plot twists, and perhaps you will experience the thrill of being the one to crack the case, and solve your very own Port Colborne Murder Mystery.

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