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Do you want razor sharp images and digital prints from your photographer? Hire GYST.

This Eagle was on display at a local venue recently and I was fortunate enough (OK, I planned ahead) to have my long telephoto lens with me for the occasion. The intense piercing eyes and the razor sharp beak of these creatures are rarely seen this close by anyone that is not food. Even the feathers here are in the most exquisite detail.

A few minutes in Photoshop let me refine to my taste and add text and a watermark, with phone number. This will make an excellent postcard to hand out. I will keep a few in my car for those times when I am stopped by fans – that really does happen. Not to brag, but three times so far in the last week.

For razor sharp images you need someone with an eye for detail. And as Eagle’s can’t handle a camera very well I would like to suggest that you contact GYST.

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