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The Design Guy blog features articles on design, creativity, commercial photography, tech, tips, and life. I add to this journal as the mood takes me.

I am also an avid landscape photographer based in Niagara, Canada. This site is the home of my personal photography project, Somewhere In Niagara, in which I travel the back roads and trails to discover the hidden beauty of the Niagara Peninsula. Enjoy.

Baby's first Christmas

Baby Photography

When I’m not taking landscape images for leisure, I am an event photographer and a corporate headshot kinda guy. But sometimes I do book personal shoots. Like this one, for baby’s first Christmas. This being online, I won’t name the family. Let’s leave it at that. I did make sure to get permission from this


This post is not my usual rambling content. It’s a different animal. About a different animal. A unique animal. It’s about our cat, Streak. Streak was born on February 9th 2006. One of a litter of six, she survived when most of her siblings did not. She was always strong. On April 1st that year,
grain silo in Niagara

Somewhere In Niagara: Silo

This late Autumn image encompasses the full cycle of crop farming. Seed to silo, silos are intrinsic to modern agriculture. This one sits on the horizon at the centre of acres of crop fields. But not all crops are destined to see the inside of a silo. Including this one. The plants in this 50-acre
A murmuration of Starlings

A Murmuration Of Starlings

I have decided on a change of pace and lifestyle. On social media platforms I am one Starling in a host of others. It is very hard to focus on any single Starling when they flock in their tens of thousands, which by the way is called a ‘murmuration’ (I don’t know why). A murmuration

Somewhere In Niagara: Port Colborne

I’ve lived in Port Colborne since coming to Canada nearly twenty years ago. It’s a fairly small community; under 20 thousand residents. Perched on the North shore of Lake Erie looking across the lake to the United States, this is a border town at the Southern end of the Welland Canal. This, ladies and gentlemen
Owl be back

2022 Calendars

The first of my Birds Of Prey 2022 Calendars are available now in two sizes, 8.5 x 11 (letter) for your desk, or 14 x 11.5 for your wall. Spiral bound, made to order. Each images is available for separate purchase. Currently three Calendars are available, with more to follow. I am working on a
Ferruginous Hawk, Descending

Ferruginous Hawk, Descending

The Ferruginous Hawk is named for a characteristic rust-coloured plumage which may be differentiated from similar hawks by a distinctive V-shaped white underbelly and chest, formed and framed by their darker wings and legs. This V-shape is most noticeable when soaring, with wings spread. The chest and belly feathers may show brown mottling in younger
Somewhere In Niagara - Turtle

Somewhere In Niagara – Turtle

While out driving the back roads this week I came across this Midland Painted Turtle sitting calmly in the middle of the gravel track. Stopping to say hello, I carried this guy (I looked – it’s harder to identify the gender of a turtle than you might think) to the edge he was facing. I
Mystery Train crossing

Somewhere In Niagara – Photo Of The Week

Mystery Train I have taken the summer for some much needed time to reflect and revitalize. And now I’m back. Somewhere In Niagara is my continuing journey through the gravel tracks, disused dirt roads, and side trails of the Niagara region, capturing nature off the beaten track. No tourist areas. Just me, a camera, and
Carl Getting The COVID Vaccine Shot

Get The Shot

I’ve heard every argument on both sides of the COVID vaccine debate. Only one side makes sense to me. With due respect to those that feel differently, I see one logical option: Get the shot. You won’t be magnetized. There are no tracking chips. If government conspiracy it is, it is one that spans every
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