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Meet The Band

Ann Singer, Vocal Coach

Today I had the great pleasure of working as the event photographer for an end of season performance by the students of Ann Singer, vocal coach. Today these students all got to strut their stuff on an open stage at the Sessions On The River recording studio in Fort Erie, and show the world their skills.

This image features Ann, husband / drummer Todd on the right, and guitarist Dylan on the left. Missing from the moment was bassist Darrel. I have him in other photos. And I got amazing photos of the artists themselves. I will work through and edit those over the next few days. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the pleasure of just being there to witness the talents on display. The vocal quality was without exception, exceptional.

Thank you to the audience that let me scramble and wander around, and the performers bravely letting me fire the flash in their faces all night. It was worth it. Trust me. Wait until you see the photos…

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