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Personal Status Update: Summer 2023

I like to be busy. As well as my full time day job I do some volunteer work within the community and spend a large part of my free time taking photographs for Somewhere In Niagara. When not doing any of this I operate my small but beautiful freelance design agency for a select group of happy clients.

With all this going on, I have stepped back a little from social media, as there are only so many hours in a day. I have prioritized my free time around projects with more immediate needs. For example…


I recently wrote about the upcoming photoshoot with a hundred or more hairy bikers and biker chicks. That takes place this weekend. I will spend most of Saturday cataloguing the event and taking drone footage. Sunday will be spent collating and editing it. I’ll write about it when the editing is done. There are other events scheduled over the Summer, and that’s excellent. I have a little room for more so if you have an event and need an experienced and innovative photographer for it, get in touch and we’ll compare available dates.


I’m also reviewing my extensive photo catalogue and selecting candidates for addition to my growing product range over in the shop, which contains many unique offerings so far. I’m expanding the digital creative product range so photography is not the only string to this bow.

My aim is to at least double the catalogue size by end of June. I’m working on 2024 calendars and some new ideas to roll out in the next month. More on that closer to the time. This is a very exciting time to be me.

Photo Projects

I don’t just take photographs. I teach photography, take others hiking, and also repair and fix photos.

I have just finished retouching 87 hall of fame photographs from our local firefighters.

The originals have faded dramatically during years of being on display behind glass, often outdoors in harsh Summer sun. Some were faded to the point of being almost entirely blank. I fixed that. Eighty seven times. With these repairs these local heroes will continue to be recognized for their service. As they should. Printed, cropped, numbered ready for placing back into their frame. These are good to go.

Other Stuff

I am also in talks with a couple of agencies for taking on some of their overflow design and layout work. Early days, I’m not counting any chickens. If it takes off I may be able to fund some more projects I have in mind. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. I have enough to be going on with. And I guess I should be getting on with it. So. Onward…

Time and resource management are valuable practical skills when working on multiple projects. But then, I’ve been doing this for decades. Juggling tasks is second nature. I keep many balls in the air, easily, smoothly, and with panache. Whether that’s Excel spreadsheets or customer service, training development or event photography. Work smart, not hard, I always say. As I also say, I like to be busy. And I am. By design. That’s wordplay for ya.

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