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ManhatTron Island scarf

As a working product photographer my work flows easily from camera to merchandise. Take for example my ManhatTron design, comprised of two of my favourite things: Sci-Fi movies and New York.

ManhatTron is available for global distribution on over 50 products including a very challenging 1000 piece jigsaw. View the gallery below. If you see something you like (or even if you don’t, there are many more products to choose from using this design) CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SHOP.

My landscapes can not only grace walls as art prints and canvas wraps, but can just as easily be placed on phone cases and shower curtains, pillows and comforters, T-shirts and hats, and many other products.

This is something worth thinking about if you have an upcoming event. Do you think your wedding guests would like a personalized phone case, or a gifted throw pillow with your favourite image from the event? How about a unique thank you present to corporate conference attendees? Hmm… ideas galore. Merch galore.

But first, enjoy the view of ManhatTron Island

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