Times Square, New York

Memories of 2020

I know we’re into March, so this is a little overdue, but as promised to my wife I put together this annual collection, memories of 2020. Just a few of the things we shared last year, set to music. Memories keep you warm in the […]

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Spring Forward

It’s nice that Spring Forward is here, and the clocks go forward an hour this weekend. But I do have mixed feelings. And not the routine ones that everybody has. I have Spring Forward melancholy. Here’s why. In the winter I enjoy my sunrises. I […]

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A bull in a field in the rain


Episode 6 of Somewhere In Niagara is now online. This week I’m Somewhere North. It worked out that on my travels I saw quite a few animals, so that is my focus for the image of the week. This episode is about that thing photographers […]

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Instagram Feed

The DesignGuyCA Instagram feed has been added to the web site. It’s technological and photographical distinctiveness will be assimilated. Easily found under the Photography menu, this integration will allow me to showcase more photos more easily. I place images on Instagram which I don’t place […]

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