Chipmunk on Merritt Island

Image Of The Week

A friendly chipmunk warming itself in the early morning sun on Merritt Island in Welland. Critters get skittish once the day has really started, so moments like these make rising early worth it. Remember to use coupon code SpringClean2022 at checkout to receive a 10% pre-shipping discount […]

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Working weekend

Nothing major to report, I work most weekends. But this working weekend I carved out time for my 3rd annual labour of love personal project, creating our annual 3D Memory sphere from photos I’ve taken during the year. Of course, in 2021 this was a […]

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My Valentine

This woman has chosen to spend her life with me.As I have chosen to spend mine with her. She burns with the light of many suns. She is a flawed diamond. Strong as steel. Fragile as glass. She is amazing. She is a candle in […]

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