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The Design Guy blog features articles on design, creativity, commercial photography, tech, tips, and life. I add to this journal as the mood takes me.

I am also an avid landscape photographer based in Niagara, Canada. This site is the home of my personal photography project, Somewhere In Niagara, in which I travel the back roads and trails to discover the hidden beauty of the Niagara Peninsula. Enjoy.

Comfort Maple, Fenwick, Ontario.
Design Guy

Comfort Maple

The oldest known Maple tree in Canada is the Comfort Maple in Fenwick, Ontario. That’s Somewhere In Niagara. Several hundred […]

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Hawk outline

Blue-Tailed Hawk

I took the image from the previous post (red-tailed hawk) into Photoshop and just started throwing around ideas. GYST for

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red-tailed hawk on a tree stump

Red-Tailed Hawk

This Red-Tailed Hawk was perched atop a dead tree taking in the sun keeping a watchful eye out for lunch.

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Quick Photoshop tip: Editing text as vectors
Design, Technology

Edit Text Shapes in Photohop

“Can I edit individual text shapes in Photoshop?” We are talking about manipulating individual letters for design purposes. Customized lettering

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Breakfast club shelves of cereal
Design Guy, Life, Photography

Breakfast Club

This week the Port Colborne Optimist club visited five local schools to make donations to their breakfast programs, which aim

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Design Guy, Photography

DSLR vs Cell Phone

As much as I love my iPhone there are some limitations with the camera. 12 megapixels is laughable these days.

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Life In Canada - Beach
Design, Photography, Products

It’s Time

For years I have driven the roads of Niagara, exploring and taking photographs. For years, I have shared those photographs

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