Two eagles in a tree

Wild Eagles

On one of my meandering excursions around Niagara I happened across two eagles sitting peacefully in a tree. I pulled over quietly, a respectful distance from them, and reached into the back seat to get my long lens. Fitting this to my camera I cracked the car window quietly, and aiming my camera through the opening took this shot.

I sat there for a few minutes. Soaking up the silence, enjoying the peace. The eagles knew I was there. They were unconcerned.

Our peace was broken by the arrival of an excitable person in another vehicle. Roaring straight past me and screeching to a stop, the occupant leaped out, squealing in delight, right under the tree. The eagles, as one, took to the air and left. The disgruntled car occupant returned to the car, stopping first to ask if I had taken any good photos. I did, I said. I didn’t, they said, looking despondently at the cell phone in their hand. I’m not surprised, I thought. But said nothing.

I nodded. I sympathised. I drove on. Like the eagles, I just wanted to be somewhere else.

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