Months instead of minutes of time on the face of a watch.


Today I came across this old time piece (pun intended). I made it several years ago as part of an advertising campaign I was running, centred around an important date of impending legislative changes. The campaign was a success, hitting our target audiences squarely in the feels and getting good results. But I digress. I went back to my original concept: ‘Time Waits For Noone’. That’s the message. And it’s a good one. A positive one.

Time does indeed wait for noone. Each second, each hour. Each day, week, month. They pass so swiftly. Even for the young. Quicker still for the old. Seasons pass, and before you know it years have disappeared. Tick. Tock.

About Time

We should embrace our time. Not to say we have to be on the move 24/7, filling every moment with work or with meaning. If that’s the way you want to use your time I say go for it, and be happy. Find your balance. Time is equally well spent in thought, art, or education. Enjoying nature. Making human connections. Family. Community. Your choices are endless. But choices they are.

I urge us all to do something with our time. Something which matters to us. Because, and as an Optimist I don’t want to be a downer here but it’s true, each day may be our last. Worse, it may be one day closer to a nursing home or being forever housebound. Spending time looking through a window and wondering what might have been. When and if such a time comes I want my life to have had a meaning important to me. To have done something. Something I can turn my mind back to with a smile when I lay in my bed. Memories matter. Make yours, while you have time. Go for it.

Tick. Tock.

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