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As an member of the Port Colborne Optimist Club I and many others partcipate in high-profile community events, from the annual Kids Fishing Derby to Canada Day in the park, and a dozen more. Also, as part of the Optimist Club I join with other members to take care of those behind-the-scenes club activities which are less well advertised.

For example, the club recently made financial donations to five local schools in support of their ‘breakfast club’ programs, which aim to provide students that can’t get them at home with nutritious starts to the day in the form of fruit, cereal, and other items which helps growing minds focus on studies rather than empty bellies. This is a province-wide government initiative, run within the schools by volunteer staff and students. Those volunteers work hard on top of their other schools duties, whether faculty or student. Kudos to them!


At the Optimist Club meeting last night we were very gratified to receive a slew of hand-made ‘thank you’ cards from the students of Oakwood school. This unexpected response deserves only one response from us: You’re Welcome! Clearly those students are heading in the right direction to become community-minded citizens when their time comes. This is wonderful to see. Another generation will see the power of optimism, and know that individuals can make a change. Such positive feedback gives us the warm and fuzzies.

Because it is all about the kids, and the community, and how we can all help each other. Thank you, students.

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