Duck Race

Every year in Port Colborne the City runs ‘Canal Days’. It’s a 3-day festival of food, fun, fairground rides, music and more. There is much frollicking. At this event, one of the many attractions that bring visitors from hundreds of miles away, used to be a duck race. 3,200 plastic ducks are released into the canal, and the current makes them race. The ducks which reach the finish line first win cash prizes.

In recent years the duck race has not been run, and those that organized it no longer wish to do so. So this year, the Port Colborne Optimist Club (of which I am a proud serving member) has taken the torch. We will run those ducks ourselves. The duck race returns!

3,200 tickets, one for each duck, are available on Fridays at the Port Colborne Farmers Market from the Optimist booth, beginning today. Tickets can also be purchased during Canal Days from the booth we will have there, but with such a limited number of tickets it might be best to come to the market and lock yours in before they go.

I made the poster using a photo I took during a previous Canal Days. It amused me. The perspective makes the duck seem as big as the Clarence Street Bridge. This image has sat quietly on my hard drive for years. I always knew it would come in handy for something, at some point. 🙂

Prints available for all images by request.
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