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The Design Guy blog features articles on design, creativity, commercial photography, tech, tips, and life. I add to this journal as the mood takes me.

I am also an avid landscape photographer based in Niagara, Canada. This site is the home of my personal photography project, Somewhere In Niagara, in which I travel the back roads and trails to discover the hidden beauty of the Niagara Peninsula. Enjoy.

St. Lawrence river, overlooking Levis

The St. Lawrence Ferry

The Promenade in old Quebec city is a great place to be. By day, a thriving gathering place. A popular hotspot where honeymooners and tourist hordes alike wander aimlessly along the wooden mile absorbing the sounds of buskers, the smells of buskers, and the many sights to be seen. From the old fortress at one
Port Colborne Lighthouse at sunset

Sunset at the Lighthouse

I have been working my way through my photo archives. As I did so, I came across a number of images taken one lazy summer evening out on Lake Erie for an evening cruise. I reworked them and wanted to share them here. As we go in to the cold winter months, I reflect on

2023 Calendars

As we edge ever closer to the panic buying stage of the holiday season, I am preparing a range of print-on-demand 2023 calendars which will make me the go-to guy for last minute shoppers everywhere. You’re welcome. There will be several calendars to choose from, currently there are 3 in the bag, 2 in progress.

Three Lakers

On a cold December day, three Lakers ply their way across Lake Ontario, heading for Hamilton. Heavy wind and waves slow them, but they don’t stop. They never stop. Whatever the weather, however wild the Lake may be, they keep going. Their only rest is when it’s enforced by repairs or wintering. Neither snow nor

Watch This

A new addition to this site is our YouTube feed which can now be found under the Watch page (itself worth a click) by using the drop down and selecting ‘GYST Another YouTube Feed’. On this new page you can find everything from our channel. I’ll let viewers decide whether that’s good or bad. The


This bull (I checked the undercarriage) and his friends occupy a field Somewhere In Niagara. Longhorn Bulls are usually peaceful, grazing contentedly away in peace even when my wife and I drive up and sit watching. Sometimes they will amble over to take a look at these new two-legged things. After all, there isn’t much
Balls Falls, Jordan, Ontario

Balls Falls

Autumn gold in the leaves complements the ochre and brown of the canyon walls. A silky look to the water was achieved by using a tripod and a slower shutter speed of 1/15th of a second. ISO100 kept away digital noise, and a 42mm focal length worked with an f18 aperture to keep the whole

Christmas Bazaar: Update

On November 26th at the Guild Hall in Port Colborne, the Optimist Club host their annual Christmas Bazaar. This fundraiser event features craft vendors, a penny sale, a bake sale, and door prizes. Visitors can browse and pick up some gifts and stocking fillers, meet others in the community, and even have a bite to
Sunrise somewhere in niagara

Somewhere In Niagara Shop

The Somewhere In Niagara online store has been live for a week or two now. This innovative initiative allows locals to either stop by and pick up prints, or have them delivered – anywhere in Niagara. These print sales put expensive gas back into my ever-thirsty tank, and bring the beauty of Niagara to more
Somewhere In Niagara Image Of The Week

Buffalo Water Intake

Our Image Of The Week is this closeup of the Buffalo water intake at the mouth of the Niagara river, Fort Erie. The windmills of New York State dance along the shoreline behind, like backing singers at a concert, while a multitude of birds fish frantically in the foreground. Residents may not have seen this
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