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The Design Guy blog features articles on design, creativity, commercial photography, tech, tips, and life. I add to this journal as the mood takes me.

I am also an avid landscape photographer based in Niagara, Canada. This site is the home of my personal photography project, Somewhere In Niagara, in which I travel the back roads and trails to discover the hidden beauty of the Niagara Peninsula. Enjoy.

Take It To The Bridge

Sunrise is spectacular. Even more so when viewed across the Niagara River at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie. The blue-lit bridge contrasted with the dawn red as the sun poured out of the sky across the fast-moving waves of the cold Niagara River. I took many shots on this amazing morning. Here are just
Two Eagles

From The Parkway

As part of ongoing site development I have made some sweeping changes over the last week or so. Long overdue, this site now has new features and capabilities, one of which is improved photo management. So I wanted to try those new features out, and this image from a trip along the Niagara Parkway last
Stooping Owl in flight


The Image Of The Week is a more dynamic image than the landscapes I regularly post. This owl in flight shot was from an outing a couple of years ago. I think I may go back this Winter and see if the family are still around. Between my camera and his talons we should get
Port Colborne Optimist Club 2022 Christmas Bazaar

2022 Christmas Bazaar

November 26th is the date of the Port Colborne Optimist club annual Christmas Bazaar. This popular community event includes bake and penny sales, door prizes, and a number of craft vendors displaying their artistry and wares. Lunch is available for those that want a bite and a beverage. Guests can browse at leisure, connect with
Sunlight hits the reeds

Sunny Times

A snapshot of the day. The weather may be changing, the days getting shorter. But here in Niagara there is always something beautiful to see. Subscribers get more. #somewhereinniagara #prints #wallart #exploring #hike #hiking share this with friends:
Lest we forget

We Do Not Forget

This morning I join my fellow Optimist Club board members at the Remembrance Day ceremony, to lay a wreath in memory of those that have fallen. We do not forget. Around the world, across almost every nation, a silent cry of mourning will be heard at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the
A lonely gull flies through the mists of Niagara Falls in search of breakfast

Busy Weekend

The most recent IOTW was shot during a very busy weekend which started with a Saturday sunrise photoshoot at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge. I have so far worked through over 200+ photos taken from the day and there are more to add from Sunday. Of those looked at so far, here are just a
Peace Bridge at Sunrise

IOTW: Peace Bridge

We went out early yesterday to see the last sunrise before the clocks went back. Rather than going to our usual spot, Table Rock in Niagara Falls, we drove to the end of Hwy 3 instead. Taking our Timmies with us, we went fully caffeinated to see sunrise at the Peace Bridge. Our Image Of
Carl in the studio

“Adobe Lightroom Ate My Photos!”

No. It didn’t. But that does beg the question I am frequently asked. Where did they go? Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the issue is traced to user knowledge. And that’s fixable. The software, which I am the first to admit can behave a little oddly at times, is hardly ever the cause. Usually
happy halloween port colborne

Happy Halloween 2022

I made this fun piece over the weekend, during a rare break between taking photographs and editing photographs and posting photographs here and on social media. I do like to (over) share what I see #somewhereinniagara Featuring the iconic Clarence Street Bridge of my home town of Port Colborne as a centrepiece, I added pumpkins
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