Waves crashing at Mohawk Marina, Lowbanks, Ontario

Mohawk Marina

I found myself exploring the Lake Erie shoreline yesterday during the wind storm which saw waves crashing and spray flying. While many stayed home to avoid the storm, I found myself taking the coast road from Port Colborne out to Lowbanks and Mowawk Marina.

Mohawk Marina is a highly popular rest stop and way point for travellers. The legendary Hippos is located here. Hippos is a fish and chip food truck, removed during winter months as the weather here can prove highly destructive even to fixed structures and concrete sea walls. This pavillion is fixed, attached to the main building and usually provides welcome shade to diners and drinkers. The tables have been removed for the season. The pavillion is left to endure the wind and the waves alone.

I found myself at Mohawk Marina through muscle memory as much as anything. I hit Hippos several times through the season as this entire coast road is a great drive with lots to see. Not that I encourage you to go and see for yourself. This is my road, I don’t want it full of tourists getting in my way. 🙂

Black and white

This is one of the less dynamic images from the day and is quite sedate in comparison to some where the waves crash far more violently. But I really liked the subdued contrast between the muted sun on the shiny metal roof and the underside of the pavillion. The wave breaking against the concrete rolled from left to right throught the scene adding a literal ‘Mexican wave’ which this image captured nicely. If this wave was a sound, it would be someone blowing a harmonica from one end to the other.

I decided that removing the colour and making the image black and white would highlight the contrast and bring the details into sharp relief. Basically, I tried it in colour. I tried it in black and white. I preferred the black and white. The emphasis here is on the play of light above, under, through and around that pavillion and the backlit water in the wave. I felt the colour was a distraction. So I removed it.

Three hours of exploration brought me 182 images which I will continue exploring once I have posted this one. I am now going downstairs to grab lunch. Then I am going to finish editing those photos. Then I am going to post the gallery.

I really enjoyed myself. Batteries recharged, I feel energised. Today was a good day.

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