Sunrise over trees with a car in the foreground.

On The Road Again

I look forward to warmer weather as much as anyone. I do like being out in nature before the birds wake up. Driving to wherever the road takes me. Setting up my tripod and camera. Then just sitting back and waiting for that sun to come blazing over the treetops. It’s a wonderfully peaceful feeling.

It’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to sing. Gives you a whole new, bright perspective. You have the whole world to yourself and the possibilities are endless. For the time it takes until the real world intrudes. And you have to go back to reality. That bit is not so good.

But this bit sets you up for that bit. Gives you a boost to get you through whatever lies ahead. For every day brings a new challenge. A new adventure. A new struggle.

And a new sunrise.

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