Bored man waiting for Spring

Bored Now

It is only January 2nd, and I am already bored. Bored of endless unbroken grey winter skies. Bored of the monotony. Bored of the daily grind of work life. Ready for change at all and every level. I need new challenges.

I still love photography. It keeps me grounded and encourages me to try harder. Makes me frustrated and ecstatic in equal amounts. It is a hobby shared with millions of others. A wealth of wonderful images are only a click away. Photography has lost much of its value now that anyone with a smart phone can take an epic sunrise or landscape photo. What they can’t do, is this.

I took my profile photo and added it to my image of a tree growing beside an old stone wall. I added the word ‘Trees’. A little layering, a little masking, a little ‘Blend If’. A few minutes. Basically, doodling.

It took me twenty years to learn how to do this in ten minutes.

By hand. This looks exactly how I want it to. When you hire me, you pay for my expertise, not my time. That’s a simple statement of fact. I can do a lot in an hour that may take others a day. Just like hiring a plumber, an auto mechanic, or a builder. They spent years learning their crafts. I spent years learning mine. It’s a skill set. And now, I want more. More challenge. More excitement.

Because I’m bored now.

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