Climbing a radio tower to install Internet antennas.

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Portraits can be fun. I took this portrait of friend and entrepreneur Ty during a climb to service radio antennas on a 500 foot tower in Welland, Ontario. Unplanned. But unplanned portraits often make the most interesting portraits. Think of this as street photography. Vertical street photography.

Ty and I climbed together a few times. Our outings were always fun. Harnesses, gear, insurance, everything was of course in order. Safety checks done, we simply ascended the ladder inside the triangular tower. It would be quite hard to fall, though some have managed it. Lanyards. Always fasten your lanyards.

Takes between 15 and 30 minutes to reach the top of a tower, depending how fast you want to move and the weight of the gear being carried. Once you reach the top and all the work is done, taking time to look across the entire Niagara peninsula, Buffalo, and across to Toronto is a fine reward.

I recall his amusement when he looked up and saw me hovering over him with my camera, halfway up. He grinned as I took the shot. “Really!? You brought a camera?” I smiled and quipped back, “Really!? You answered the phone?” We laughed. And kept climbing.

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