Trump Tower

Trump Tower

Back in 2019 we went on vacation. As part of our 1600km road trip we spent a few days in New York City. My primary school buddy and ex-brother-in-law lives still in the UK, and we had arranged to make our separate ways to Central Park with our respective spouses on this very day at noon.

To my complete surprise we actually arrived first.

A most entertaining day and evening ensued. We began with the obligatory carriage ride around Central Park, followed by a walking tour which took in some of the local bars, and supper at a random Irish bar. As a result we were heading toward ‘well oiled’ by the time Nikki and I said our farewells and hit the NYC subway toward our hotel. I happily blame buddy. During these explorations we passed Trump Tower.


At the time Trump Tower was just one more well known NYC location. I did not expect to see anyone famous, but I did want an image. So I stood my ground and braved the stares of the monobrow security guards and the buffeting elbows of the passing crowd long enough to get this.

On the one hand, I was pleased to come away with such a pleasing image. On the other, I was saddened that we were not invited in by management for tea and crumpets.

American hospitality has far to go, I fear. Still, I got the shot. Bucket list.

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