Aguasabon Falls

The Trans-Canada Highway connects East to West (and also West to East) Atlantic and Pacific Canadian coasts. It is 7,476 km (4,645 mi) long and passes through ten provinces.

Along the way it travels along Highway 17, which follows the Northern shore of Lake Superior. Between Wawa and Thunder Bay, the road passes through Terrace Bay. There is a little pull off along the side of the road, easily missed. This innoccuous little rest stop has a small parking lot, washrooms, and one of the most spectacular waterfalls you will ever see.

Aguasabon Falls, Terrace Bay, Ontario
Aguasabon Falls, Terrace Bay, Ontario

Aguasabon Falls

The Aguasabon river flows 70 km (43 Mi) and is channelled through the hydroelectric plant run by Ontario Power Generation at Terrace Bay. That is its own story, worthy of looking up.

After leaving the hydro plant the Aguasabon continues onward, plunging 30 metres (98 ft) into a ravine at Aguasabon Falls. From there, a short but tumultuous journey between cliff walls sees the river make entrance to Lake Superior. A well-maintained boardwalk gives easy access to the viewing platform, far above the water but still close enough to be covered with the spray from the falls.

If you get the chance to visit, make time to stop and enjoy this scene. You will not regret it.

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