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Postcards From The Porch

Postcards From The Porch: Plan B

OK. With cases and hospitalizations rising exponentially in Ontario, the announcement on Friday that increased restrictions and financial penalties would immediately be put into effect effectively kiboshed my plans for world domination giving my local community a much needed morale boost. Time for Plan B. […]

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Port Colborne word cube

Thank You Port Colborne

While playing with the new version of Blender 3D this evening I was monitoring and enjoying feedback from my post about the Robin Hood Mill in Port Colborne. Close to two hundred people and counting have so far shared it across various social media platforms. […]

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Car Toon: Cindy the precosious teenager

Car Toons

I love to combine photography with creative illustration. To that end, a couple of years ago I started making Car Toons. Car Toons are vehicle portraits given cartoon personalities. After creating the actual portrait (a photo shoot) I use a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator […]

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