Dinosaur running from asteroid


Meteor showers are beautiful to watch. I was reminded of that tonight as they fell silently by the dozen through the night sky above me. I was reminded of this piece I made several years ago. This is the asteroid which destroyed the dinosaurs. I doubt they thought this rock was quite so beautiful when it hit.

No AI here. All drawn by hand the old fashioned way in Photoshop. For the critics among you, this is not the best I’ve ever done. But this was also not a commercial piece. Just a fun way to pass a quiet weekend, for a little light relief. Which, now I read it back to myself, is a weird thing to say. I drew an extinction level event as a little light relief? I should probably get therapy.

Perspective changes over time, in this case millions of years of hindsight. Perspective is often about the dynamics of the situation. And also, at which end of the meteor you happen to find yourself.

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