A new sunrise

Heading Into A New Sunrise

I have always been a restless soul. Driven to get up and go out and see what is to be seen. Early mornings? Yep. I’m often awake with a couple of hours work under my belt before the sun rises.

Here, I was out and about in the Summer just cruising and watching the world awake, when I realised that this stretch of road would shortly be hit by dawns early rays. This, I thought, would be a sunrise photo with a difference. So I parked quietly and safely on the service road. And waited.

In due course the sun rose through those trees. It moves fast, so I waited a little longer until it was above the horizon, nestled among the branches. Just as I was about to take the shot I heard an engine. This car passed through the scene at the perfect time for me to capture it. The chef’s kiss. Perfection.

This scene embodies my own restless spirit; the hope that comes into the world with the arrival of a new day; the wonder of a new horizon; and the promise of adventure.

I love this image for all those reasons. And also because I get to use three semicolons in the same sentence. The world is wonderful. Onward.

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