Space Invaders art work bezel recreation

Trapped In The Original Matrix

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me to replicate the original Space Invaders arcade machine bezel. I made it actual size, ready for placement onto plywood and cutting to fit. As he was musing on making a physical cabinet and framing it for the wall, I figured it would save time if I planned for both, so I did. This will easily make a large wall-size print to grace a basement games room.

Ultimately, that didn’t pan out but the lovingly recreated artwork remains. I used reference photos from the Internet and some judicious creative juices to recreate the artwork and make the multi-layered final piece.


Revisiting this design recently, I didn’t want it to just gather digital dust. So I overlaid my own silly face onto the playing screen area and blended it in, with the ‘Design Guy’ branding behind it. Together, they give the finished piece a ‘Tron’ look of me being trapped inside the game. I kinda like that. So here I am. Trapped, indeed, inside the original matrix. Help.

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