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New Year, New Look

Making images look good online is a constant dance, juggling file size, security, and image quality. Most photographers want images to look their best, without seeing them end up in a folder on someone’s computer. On top of that, there are other constraints imposed by your chosen delivery platform. Sigh.

I grew tired of the dance. So I moved the goalposts. Yes, I mixed metaphors. I’m that kind of guy.

I completely redesigned the back end of this site for a leaner, fresher look. One more focused on photography. So that I can, for example, show a high quality full size image like this selfie I recently posted in the high quality it was intended to be viewed in.

And note, this is still not full quality. I’m still going to want you to buy my images. 🙂

More Is Better

Additional improvements include better order processing, and tweaks to other visuals particularly on product pages. I juggled the footer, changed the sidebar. Cosmetic. Some of the page content has had a minor makeover too, but most things are where they always were. Just easier to see, faster to load, and with more visual space for those lovely photos I will be adding.

As a side effect of these changes, some of the images on the site may no longer look their best. They were added in smaller sizes, to suit a different layout. I may at some stage go through and update them. I may not. There are a LOT of images. And I may change things again. Still got some work to do… but going forward images will appear loud and proud and in (almost) all their glory. I’m done with the dance.


I am hopeful that by sharing the high quality images I will increase visitor traffic and subscriptions. So, ya know, now might be a good time to sign up for our irregular and irreverent newsletter. This include posts not seen on social media, behind-the-scenes stories of the images, and some observations on life in Niagara. Go on. You know you wanna. Welcome. To the ‘new’ site.

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