Somewhere In Niagara - Winter Sun on Snow

Winter Sun On Snow

This week in Somewhere In Niagara, I dragged my poor long-suffering wife and best friend along to enjoy the sunrise as I shot some ‘winter sun on snow’ images around the region. I had to bribe her with a Timmies Dark Roast, but that is a small price to pay to get such shared moments and memories. She’s worth it. And so was the Winter sun.

In this week’s episode I again show some of the images from my travels. Back in the studio, I focus on the actual editing process for my chosen image of the week. This might be of value to those just getting into photography, or curious how another photographer works. The image this week is an early-morning landscape with sunlight spilling gently across the ground. Hence, winter sun on snow.

Note that as well as being an event and fine art photographer, I do provide online training in the arts of photo editing, across whatever your chosen application or platform – the software may change, but the principles of light don’t. Once you understand those, you will be able to jump in and use any software. So, if that is of interest please get in touch using the CONTACT form.

As always, a link to the image of the week is provided in the description on the Youtube page. This and all images are available for review in full high resolution at my photo site, where each can also be purchased and delivered directly to your door if so desired in a number of formats.

Enjoy the video.

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