Walking by the frozen lake

Somewhere In Niagara – Details

It has been a very long week. When skies are uniformly leaden and dull they hold little happiness for the photographer. The sun rarely made an appearance. And in Winter, even when it does it often only serves to highlight the monochrome landscape. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to see… Somewhere In Niagara.

Shooting in Summer is easy. When sunlight and warm days are on us, everywhere you look there is something amazing to point a camera at. In winter, not so much. It can be a challenge, not just physically going out in sub zero temperatures armed with camera and supporting gear while navigating snow and ice, risking slips and falls and broken ankles, or plunging through the surface of a bog or hidden pond…

But also mentally. Sometimes you have to give yourself a hard kick up the proverbial to find motivation. When it’s cold and dark and you want to stay curled up in bed it can be hard. But challenges are good for us, they make us rise up to be better than we were. So they say. Committing to producing a weekly video of Somewhere In Niagara is one way to push yourself. It’s one that works for me. By the time Summer comes around I will have nailed down the format and refined it exactly how I want it. Then, I will be taking you to explore some of the hidden beauties of the region. Watch this space. Until then…

When landscapes fail to inspire, and skies are grey, I like to take a different perspective. Instead of looking for inspiration to the sun on the horizon or the moon in the sky, I shorten my gaze. Look closer.

This week’s episode discusses attention to detail. The big and small stuff. The other end of the scale.

I think you’re going to love the image I chose this week. Let me know.

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