Somewhere In Niagara

Somewhere In Niagara – Snowstorm

Episode three of my weekly Somewhere In Niagara series is now on my Youtube channel. It sees me venturing bravely out into a Canadian snowstorm.

Competing with Superbowl Sunday is a challenge, but on the up side, non-sports fans can grab a few minutes respite from the kerfuffle and relax while they spend 6 minutes in my company.

A link to the high resolution image chosen this week is in the description. Click it to explore the image at leisure and in full detail. I really love all that detail in all those branches.

This, and every image on my photo site is available as wall art or prints if you see something you really like.

Please ‘do the things’, like share and subscribe. It will help me grow this channel. If you have any printable thoughts please leave a comment, either here or on Youtube. Enjoy.

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