A bull in a field in the rain


Episode 6 of Somewhere In Niagara is now online. This week I’m Somewhere North. It worked out that on my travels I saw quite a few animals, so that is my focus for the image of the week.

This episode is about that thing photographers rarely discuss, the laziness of the travelling photographer. And how to use it to your advantage during the long cold Winter months. Of course, nothing beats a good hike into the wilderness, that is the best way to enjoy nature. But it’s not so easy when it’s wet and cold and your camera gear is not waterproof and you don’t have your rubber boots.

The header above shows a teaser. To see the full image of the week, watch the video. If you enjoy it, as I hope you will, please do one or all of the things: Ring the bell, subscribe, share the link. You know the drill.

I hope to grow this channel and your help with this goal will be greatly appreciated.

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