Somewherer In Niagara - Morgans Point

Somewhere In Niagara: Morgans Point

This week in Somewhere In Niagara, Nikki and I are exploring the well-known conservation area at Morgans Point. On the shore of Lake Erie south of Wainfleet, this is not a large area with many trails. It’s a small but beautiful piece of the coast, easily accessible and pet friendly. Not car friendly, the pot holes on the way into the parking lot are big enough to lose a school bus in, so take it easy on the speed – drive with care. Which is always good advice, and also possibly the reason they haven’t been fixed.

As in the majority of Niagara Conservation Areas, parking and access is free. The area includes a lot of open space for kids, a boardwalk through the trees, and an extensive beach area to walk. The beach is rock and pebble, so don’t expect to lay your towel on the sand, you will need somewhere else for that.

When Nikki and I went there was snow on the ground and a lot of ice under it. Watch your footing. Speaking of ice, we estimated around a half mile of ice still packs the shoreline. Quite the sight.

The weather was warmer today. That ice was melting. Spring is on the way. When it arrives the boardwalk will provide stunning views of sunlight through the trees. We will be going back there when that happens.

But for now, early March with snow and ice but some warm sun… this was our day. Enjoy.

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