Somewhere In Niagara: Image Of The Week

Welland Canal

On a flight across Port Colborne I spied this ship going through the Welland Canal. The Welland Canal is the route for any water traffic navigating between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. From large freight vehicles to personal water craft, if you need to navigate, the Welland Canal is the (only) way to go.

The plane was in the perfect spot to capture this image using my telephoto lens as it passed by the iconic Robin Hood mill which dominates the Port Colborne skyline. The Robin Hood Mill is famous for many things, most commonly known outside the region as a filming location for the Handmaid’s Tale, in 2020.

Due to the early morning, the shadows of the boat and the trees lining the canal are thrown across the water. The bow and stern waves show the ship is travelling at speed, but beginning to slow for the Main Street bridge ahead. It was not stopping at Robin Hood. Not today. Onwards. Ever onwards.

Ship going through the Welland Canal in Port Colborne

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