Niagara Falls Skyline

IOTW: Niagara Skyline

The Image Of The Week today is from the upper floors of the Sheraton Fallsview hotel in Niagara Falls. Nikkki and I were there overnight to photograph a company event. I had already assembled everything I would need for the main event. Being both an adventurous and creative type, while Nikki made herself ready I looked for things to occupy myself until the work of the evening began.

The windows in such hotels only open so far. Enough to let in air, not enough to let out jumpers. Looping the camera strap around my arm to prevent an accidental drop from a few stories up, I carefully pushed my camera through the minimal gap available. And took this image.

Why this image?

The sun is perfectly positioned, appeaing not once but twice. I chose to desaturate the colour to bring out the subtle contrasts and emphasize the lights and darks. The skyline is also doubled due to the vertical reflection in the window. The horizon is also the foreground, making an unusual composition with a unique symetry which could only be achieved from this window, on this day, at this time.

The mist rising from the famous falls is accentuated by being sunlit on the right and in shadow on the left. I find this captivating. And the subdued light spilling across the scene completes and complements it perfectly. That’s why this image, though not the usual landscape I select, is the Image Of The Week.

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