Ancaster Mill waterfall

Ancaster Mill

Hamilton boasts over one hundred waterfalls and visiting them all involves some serious commitment in terms of energy and effort. Visiting them all is a challenge. One that is worth every erg exerted.

Following a strenuous afternoon exploring the Hamilton watershed last Summer, Nikki and I stopped to cool our heels at Ancaster Mill. This little corner of the universe sits outside the main Hamilton, Ontario bubble, west of the city, and is a popular destination for weary travellers wanting refreshment and maybe a bite to eat as part of their visit to the waterfall capital of Ontario.

Ancaster Mill features some fine hospitality and after a long hike, is a welcoming treat. The location has an outdoor patio which, fortuitously, has it’s own waterfall right alongside. Who knew waterfall photography could be so civilized? After our hike, it was a pleasure to sit at a table beside an iron railing and enjoy a cold drink. I set up the camera on our table to take this long exposure shot of the small but beautiful cascade beside us. I suspected Nikki had by now had her fill of looking at the back of my head and (rightly) wanted my full attention, which I was happy to give. I put the camera quickly away. But not before I got the shot I wanted. This one. Photographers are a single-minded bunch.

Had we known waterfall photography could be as easy as ordering lunch, it would have saved a few hours of sweat and lugging camera gear several kilometres. Tip for anyone wanting to explore all that the Hamilton watershed has to offer… this is a good place to begin. Or to end. Either works.

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